Your bio (My parents warned me about drugs in baggies sold on the street, but never the ones with teeth and a heartbeat.) is that a quote form a book or something? I really like it <3

It is a part of a poem by MM. That’s unfortunately all I know about it (and can find about it). 

28.02.14/12:25/ 1
24.01.14/23:32/ 64950
24.01.14/23:24/ 30263

07.01.14/04:16/ 121037

The good vibe tribe
07.01.14/04:13/ 27375
07.01.14/04:13/ 442

And the curves, in your soul
Which can be felt on your skin
And the love in your heart
Which can be found in your eyes

Makes me crumble, makes me feel,
I still miss you, i still do

Canvas  by  andbamnan